Our Mission & Vision

To be a world class banking and micro-finance institution in Ghana.

BESSFA aspires to be among the best Rural/Community Banks in Ghana. The bank endeavors to provide world class banking services to the communities in the catchment area. It is committed to providing high standards of service in a customer-friendly environment. We shall also repackage and introduce new products that are relevant to the area.

  • For its employees, the bank is committed to encouraging ingenuity and productivity through competent human resource management practices. We shall develop a climate that encourages directness, openness to new ideas, personal accountability, and the recognition of individual and team achievement.
  • The bank is fully committed to the welfare of the community in which it operates. It shall therefore continue to provide employment opportunities for the inhabitants, support for the business community, and scaling up its corporate social responsibility activities.
  • For the shareholders, we are committed to maximizing the value of their investment by consistently increasing the earnings and controlling costs, and paying dividends annually.

Why bank with us?

We offer various categories of services and products to our customers, and you can join our many customer base by click on our contact us page where contacts details are found. 

Thank you for banking with us! We are always ready and willing to "Support your Efforts"